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How to solve different failure problems about hydraulic motors?

When you’re working with a hydraulic motor, do you have the same problems?

Oil leakage at the joint part / Oil leakage at the output shaft /   The motor does not rotate /  Speed down and unable to rotate  /  Excessive noise

And how to solve the problems? Let me show you the following method:

 Fault 1: Oil leakage at the joint part 

Causes:   1. The sealing ring is damaged.        

2. The bolts connecting the joint (front cover or rear cover) are loose.

Remedy: 1. Replace the sealing ring          

            2. Tighten the bolts to the specified requirements

Fault 2: Oil leakage at the output shaft 

Causes:  1. The temperature of the shaft end is too high, causing the seal to fail.       

               2. The oil temperature is too high, and the viscosity of the oil drops

               3. Excessive back pressure, long-term overload work                          

               4. Damaged shaft seal (oil seal)   

Remedy: 1. When using, isolate or cool the external overheating element               

               2. Cool down the oil temperature or increase the volume of the oil tank

               3 Reduce the oil return pressure or connect the external oil discharge port to  the oil tank               

               4. Replace the oil seal

Fault 3 : The motor does not rotate

Causes:   1. The working device is stuck or the installation is not well aligned. 

                2. There is a problem with the system.

                3. The motor parts are damaged.

Remedy: 1. Check the working device, and improve the concentricity of the installation shaft

                2. Check the hydraulic system 

                3. Replace damaged parts

 Fault 4: Speed down and unable to rotate

Causes:   1. The oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the oil drops, and the internal leakag increases. 

                   2. The stator is excessively worn, and the leakage increases. 

                   3. The load is too heavy

    Remedy: 1. Control the oil temperature and oil viscosity

                   2. Replace the corresponding accessories 

                   3. Optional motor with a larger displacement

 Fault 5: Excessive noise

 Causes:   1. There is air in the system 

                  2. Overspeed operation

   Remedy: 1. Exclude the air in the system 

                   2. Control the motor speed within the acceptable range

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