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Hydraulic motor


The hydraulic motor is an actuator of the hydraulic system, which converts the hydraulic pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft. Liquids are media that transmit force and motion.

Hydraulic motors, also known as oil motors, are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petrochemical, port machinery, etc.

Hydraulic motors are analogous to hydraulic pumps but operate in reverse” with a high-energy fluid being converted into rotary motion with a certain angular velocity and torque.”

How Are the Types of Hydraulic Motors Classified?

★ According to the output speed, it is divided into two categories: high speed and low speed.

 High-speed, low-torque (aka HSLT) and low-speed, high-torque (LSHT).

1.The output speed higher than 500r/min are high-speed hydraulic motors.  The main features are high speed, small moment of inertia, easy starting and braking, and easy adjustment.The speed and commutation sensitivity are high, and the torque is not large.

2.The output speed lower than 500r/min are low-speed hydraulic motors.   Low characteristics are large displacement, large volume, low speed, and can be directly

Connected to the transmission mechanism, no reduction device is needed, making the transmission mechanism artificially simplified.

★ Hydraulic Motors Can Also Be Divided Into Cycloid Hydraulic Motors, Gear Hydraulic Motors, Vane Motors And Plunger Hydraulic Motors According To Their Structural Types.

1. Gear hydraulic motors

Gear hydraulic motors are divided into external gear motors and internal gear motors. 

The gear motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, good self-priming performance and easy maintenance. Convenience and other advantages. But at the same time, gear motors also have large pressure and flow pulsations, Disadvantages include low volumetric efficiency and input pressure, small output torque, and high noise.

Therefore, gear hydraulic motors are only suitable for high-speed and low-torque applications. Generally used for agricultural machinery and other mechanical equipment that do not require high torque uniformity.

2. Vane hydraulic motor

The vane hydraulic motor has the characteristics of small size, uniform flow, smooth operation, low noise,  It has the advantages of sensitive action and high input speed; but at the same time, the leakage of the blade motor is larger, poor low-speed stability, low input pressure, and poor oil pressure cleanliness.

The requirements are higher. Therefore, vane hydraulic motors are generally used for high speeds and small torques. and occasions requiring sensitive movement

3. Hydraulic Orbital Motor

The working principle of cycloidal motor is similar to that of internal gear motor. cycloid motor cycloidal pinwheel meshing is used instead of internal gears.

The cycloid motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, good self-priming performance and easy maintenance. Etc. But at the same time, the cycloid motor also has large pressure and flow pulsations, and the volume disadvantages include low efficiency, low input pressure, and small output torque. Therefore cycloid hydraulic is only suitable for medium and low speed and small torque applications

4. Piston Hydraulic Motors,Within this type, there are two categories: radial and axial.

Radial-piston hydraulic motors are classified as LSHT motors. The pistons in these motors are perpendicular to the output shaft. Higher output torques are one benefit of radial-piston motors. Another benefit is that these motors will give you a smoother output speed when operating at low speeds.

Ground drilling equipment is one common application of radial-piston motors. Winches and cranes are two more common applications of these motors. These motors are also used in caterpillar drives of dragline excavators.

Axial-Piston hydraulic Motors The design of an axial-piston motor consists of pistons located in a circular array inside of a cylinder block. Benefits of axial-piston motors include better speed variability, greater speeds, and higher efficiencies. Some common applications of these motors are to drive winches, construction equipment, and ship cranes

Which Brand can you replace ?

Blince hydraulics can replcae follow Brands , as Danfoss 、Parker 、Eaton Char LynnM+S 、White 、Brevini ,Denison、Vickers、Tokimec 、Rexroth 、Yuken 、Sumitomo、Voith 、Hytek and so on .

hydraulic Orbital motor

Hydraulic orbital motors are widely applied in agriculture machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, mining, and construction machinery, especially fitted to lower load applications, such as plastic injection mold machine, cleaner, grass cutter,Winches, Conveyors, Slews, Sweeper Drives, Augers, Cutters, Mowers and Chippers.

Specification of Hydraulic Orbital Motor

Radial piston hydraulic motors

Radial piston hydraulic motor has been widely applied in all kinds of hydraulic transmission system such as plastic injection machine, ship and deck machinery, construction machinery and equipment, hoist and transport vehicle, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum and mine machine, light industry equipment, lath, light industry equipment and drilling machine etc.

Specification of Radial piston hydraulic motor

Axial Piston hydraulic Motors

A6VM Axial piston variable motor ( Rexroth Style ) ★ Meet the requirements of high speed and high torque   ★ Hydrostatic transmission for closed and open circuits   ★ Stepless adjustment, displacement can be adjusted from 0 to the maximum displacement    ★ Output speed depends on pump flow and motor displacement      ★ High power density, low swing torque

Specification of Axial Piston hydraulic Motors

Poclain hydraulic Motor

Poclain motor are are widely applied infollow machineries:

 ★ Mining Machinery:  Coal Winning Machine,Road Header,Scraper,Heavy Duty Handing Car,Coal Mine Drill     ★ Construction Machinery: Skid Steer Loader,Down-The-Hole Drill,  Rotary Drill,MiniAnd Midi Excavator,Mixer Truck,utting Machine,Break Machine, Road sweeper,Aircraft Tractor, Beam Carrier/Hoisting Machine,Road Roller,Cinder,Shield Machine,Bucket Wheel Machine,Oil Drilling Equipment     ★  Marine Machinery:  Gantry Crane      ★ Agricultural Machinery: Mini Farming Vehicle , Ditcher, Spray Machine                  ★ Forest Machinery : Stumper, Loader.Forest Felling Machine        ★ Special Vehicle: Fire Engine

Specification of Poclain hydraulic Motors


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Choosing the Right Hydraulic Motor

The first step in selecting the correct type of hydraulic motor is knowing the application for the motor. Knowing this means that you know the performance needs, including temperature, speed, pressure, and operating torque. 

You should also consider if you need a motor that is easy to install, or if your industry has set any specification requirements. It is good to examine the potential of contamination as well. 

If you work with a professional hydraulic supplier and manufacturer, this will help you improve your decision-making.

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