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The hydraulic motor is an actuator of the hydraulic system, which converts the hydraulic pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft. Liquids are media that transmit force and motion.

Hydraulic motors, also known as oil motors, are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petrochemical, port machinery, etc.

Hydraulic motors are analogous to hydraulic pumps but operate in reverse” with a high-energy fluid being converted into rotary motion with a certain angular velocity and torque.”


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Dis : 8-50 cc

Speed: 20-1800 rpm

Torque: 8~40 N.m


Dis : 36-400 cc

Speed: 20~1350 rpm

Torque: 30~410 N.m


Dis : 36-400 cc

Speed: 20~1030 rpm

Torque: 50~420 N.m


Dis : 80-400 cc

Speed: 20~700 rpm

Torque: 200~880 N.m


Dis : 160~500 cc

Speed: 20~420 rpm

Torque: 510~830 N.m


Dis : 160-800cc

Speed: 20~560 rpm

Torque: 435~1400 N.m


Dis : 315-1000cc

Speed: 20~440 rpm

Torque: 920~1870 N.m


Dis : 125-750 cc

Speed: 100~375 rpm

Torque: 325~1050 N.m


Dis : 200-1000 cc

Speed: 20-520 rpm

Torque: 500-1675 N.m

Axial piston

Dis : 16-180 cc

Speed: 100-11000 rpm

Torque: 20~700 N.m

radial piston

Dis : 60-10000 cc

Speed: 80-450 rpm

Torque: 150-20000 N.m


Dis :160-15000 cc

Speed: 30-250  rpm

Torque: 650-60800 N.m


BLINCE is your trusted manufacturer for Hydraulic motors. We specialize in designing and producing hydraulic motor to meet your applicationrequirements. Whether you need to Orbital Hydraulic motor, Low Speed Large Torque Motor,Axial Piston Motor, Or Radial Piston Motor, Poclain Hydraulic Motor ,we have the perfect solution for you.

Our products are manufactured with advanced imported equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality, We Committed to improving product life,ensuring optimal performance and functionality.


We can perfectly replace Most hydraulic motor series on the market, and we can also customize the special model according to your needs. We accept customized logo and packaging, and are willing to be your perfect production factory.


About Blince, We have 19 years of product production and export experience, professional hydraulic engineers and foreign trade team, to provide you with the most professional services and products. You can always trust Blince, ensuring high quality and exceeding your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

All You Need To Know About Blince Hydraulic Motor

We accept OEM, customized logo and packaging,the minimum order quantity is 300pcs, and the and product color can be customized according to requirements. Special styles and requirements are subject to availability

We will keep your product design drawings or hydraulic schemes strictly confidential and sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

Each of Blince’s motors has undergone 118 steps and 26 rigorous tests. Pressure detection and air tightness detection are the most basic tests before the motor leaves the factory.

we have a lot of conventional hydraulic motors in stock in our warehouse, as long as there are stocks in stock, we will deliver the goods the next day after receiving the payment. If your order is large, or the product model is special, it is For those that need to be re-produced, the construction period of our hydraulic motor is generally 25-30 days. From the beginning of the order, we need to purchase raw materials, casting shells, precision machining parts, and then assemble, then do surface treatment, final inspection, packaging, etc., Every step needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the high performance of each motor.

we have a professional technical team that can recommend the right product model for you, and formulate a reasonable hydraulic system solution according to parameters ,to improve your work efficiency and cost reduction.

Minimum order for all our products is 1 piece, which is convenient for you to purchase samples for testing. Of course, if your purchase quantity is larger, the price will be more favorable.

All our products have a one-year warranty period, as long as there are quality problems under reasonable use, we are willing to help solve them, because considering the cost of return to the factory repair is too high, we provide you with free product accessories, repair guidance. Or we can issue you a new motor on the next order.

if it is a small motor, light in weight and small in size, in order to reduce the transportation cost of customers, we will choose thick carton packaging, which is wrapped in multiple layers of pearl cotton. If it is heavy or in large quantities, it will Use export wooden boxes for outsourcing, and use pearl cotton for the inside. Or use wooden pallet directly.

Production Line


The raw materials of hydraulic motors mainly include cast iron, copper, aluminum, steel, etc., as well as fasteners, seals, bearings and other components. When purchasing raw materials, it is necessary to select qualified suppliers in strict accordance with relevant standards, and conduct comprehensive testing on raw materials to ensure that they meet production requirements.


The manufacture of hydraulic motors requires various machining processes such as turning, milling, disc, grinding, and drilling. During the processing, it is necessary to strictly follow the design requirements and technical specifications to ensure the processing quality and precision. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the whole process of processing to ensure that the quality control standards are met.


In the assembly process, each component needs to be assembled to form the basic structure of the hydraulic motor. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct a sealing test to ensure good sealing; conduct a dynamic test to check whether the parameters such as speed and torque meet the requirements. During the assembly process, multiple quality inspections are also required to ensure that each process can meet the expected requirements.


During the test, the hydraulic motor needs to be tested in many aspects such as performance, noise and life. The performance test is mainly to test the parameters such as the speed and torque of the hydraulic motor to ensure that the product performance indicators are met. The noise test is mainly to test the noise level of the hydraulic motor to ensure that the product noise meets the relevant national standards. The life test is to test the service life of the product to ensure that the product quality can meet the market demand.

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