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OM2 OM3 orbital motor



    OM2 and OM3 series cycloid hydraulic motor is a radial bearing support with pintle valve hydraulic motor, due to the output shaft and with flow separation mechanism design, with flow system life extended. Features:

    * Assignment institutions and the torque output means separation, so that with the flow sleeve does not bear any load, only play the role assignment,With no wear parts with pure rotation.

    * Double rolling bearing structure design, the motor has a greater radial load carrying capacity.

    * Insert the stator pay Zhu formula optimization design, high mechanical efficiency, maintain good efficiency.

    * Advanced structural design, high power density.

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Product Detail

TypeOM2 125OM2 160OM2 200OM2 250OM2 315OM2 400OM3 500OM3 630
Displacement (cm3/rev)124.1164.7200248.3319.2400518666
Max speed (rpm)cont400310250200150125160125
Max torque (n.m)cont215285347385495477772993
Max pressure (Mpa)cont14141412.512.51012.512.5
Max output (kw)cont8.8998861313
Weight (kg)

OM2 OM3 orbital motor

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